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Incantris - A Game of Magical Combat

Incantris - A Game of Magical Combat

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Incantris is a board game of magical combat for 1-4 players. Each player controls a team of three wizards, each with unique spells and abilities. Incantris is a fast-paced and thought-provoking game that pairs strategy with a beautiful gaming environment. Incantris features:

  • 25 different spells and abilities that ensure each game of Incantris will be a unique experience,
  • modular board with 3D terrain to create a different battlefield for every game,
  • six types of wizards with 12 detailed miniatures,
  • an engaging, exciting, and intuitive spell casting system, and 
  • balanced but asymmetric teams that challenge you to utilize your strengths while exploiting your opponents' weaknesses.

"What separates Incantris from the rest of the many, many miniatures games available today is its ease of play and accessibility that does not reduce the game’s strategic and tactical depth." - Father Geek


Each player controls a team of three wizards, represented by the miniatures above. Each miniature has a 1" circular base and is between 36-42 mm tall.

Each wizard reference board displays the spells he or she may cast, magical abilities, and movement points. It is also used to track the wizard's life points.

The modular board lets you create a variety of arenas. In one scenario, the shifting arena brings even more depth to the game.

You can also watch two complete 2-player games here and here.

"Gameplay is fast, spells are satisfying, and between the modular board and different scenarios there’s a lot of replayability here." - Purple Pawn's Preview of Incantris.

Everyone had a great time playing Incantris in the First Exposure Hall at Gen Con. It was awesome to share the game with such enthusiastic gamers.



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