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About Us

RAINN Studios is a tabletop game design and publishing company founded begun in January of 2013 when Heath and Seth Robinson began the initial brainstorm for the project that would become War of Kings​. It launched on Kickstarter in February of 2014. 
Since, then RAINN Studios has gone on to design and publish the TerraTiles line of Tabletop gaming terrain, Incantris, and is collaborating with David LaRocca on Elder Dice.


Heath, co-founder of RAINN Studios, a board game and tabletop terrain publishing company

Heath Robinson

Heath has been playing games for years including many board games and RPGs.  He played an orc warrior in World of Warcraft and a wizard in Diablo III.  He enjoys George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, Steven Pressfield's Gates of Fire, and is a huge Tolkien fan. He's also building a tiny house to live in. You can follow the entire journey on his YouTube channel.