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TerraTiles Elevation Risers

TerraTiles Elevation Risers

$ 19.99
Elevation Risrs for TerraTiles Tabletop Terrain

Take TerraTiles to another level! We are offering a set of precision-cut foam risers to provide battlefield elevation. One set come with 10 risers, which are one inch thick and strong enough to support your heaviest miniatures. Place them directly beneath any of the TerraTiles to raise any of the existing hexagons to different levels, greatly increasing the amount of variation in your layouts. The risers are white and can be painted any color you choose; we recommend standard acrylic paint. Each package contains ten risers and comes in a TerraTiles branded carton for storage.

How Do I Use TerraTiles Risers for Tabletop Terrain?

By simply placing a riser beneath one of the TerraTiles, you can instantly create elevation in your layout. Place several next to each other for a small plateau, or stack two or three of them together for an even more dramatic elevation difference.

Painting them up is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Here is Heath to show you how it can be done!


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