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TerraTiles: The Misty Moorlands - Modular Tabletop Terrain

TerraTiles: The Misty Moorlands - Modular Tabletop Terrain

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What is TerraTiles: The Misty Moorlands Tabletop Terrain

TerraTiles is a modular, tabletop terrain system that transforms your table into a dramatic and exciting gaming environment. The Misty Moorlands boxed set features 66 double-sided tiles that depict a variety of terrain: open grasslands, forests, rocks, streams, and more!

  • Large 9 inch tiles make setting up a map quick and easy.
  • Hundreds of gamers gave us feedback on the development of this set, making it the terrain that you want.
  • The tiles fit together in any orientation, giving you maximum versatility in your setups.
  • TerraTiles is compatible with any game, genre, or scale.
  • Easy to Store and Transport - TerraTiles takes up no more room on your shelf than a regular board game.

Tabletop Terrain Box Contents - TerraTiles: The Misty Moorlands

Tabletop Terrain Misty Moorlands Box Contents


    Hundreds of gamers across the world have already had a chance to play their games on TerraTiles and share their feedback with us! Be sure to check out our Facebook page to hear more about what people are doing with TerraTiles!

    "Check these cardboard hex terrain tiles out, the kids love them and I have to say, so do I! :-)" - The Terrain Tutor in his video. Also check out the Bolt Action game he set up using The Misty Moorlands.

    "My set arrived yesterday and I'm not happy; I'm ecstatic! The tiles are perfect." - Abraham E.

    "[TerraTiles] was everything I could have hoped for and more." - Article on BGG about using TerraTiles for Zombicide.

    "It's easy to see how these tiles can immerse you into the storyline and enhance your gameplay." - David Higgins in his unboxing video of The Misty Moorlands

    "If I’m honest – I was a little skeptical at first, but after taking a look at the tiles first hand, the art and the quality have won me over" Adam Harry, Bell of Lost Souls in his video review:

    There is also a Geek List over on BGG that lists over 130 games for which TerraTiles can be used. Be sure to check it out here and add any games that you plan on using them for!

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    We offer #13 flat rate domestic shipping to anywhere in the United States, and all orders ship within 2 business days after your order is placed. You will receive a tracking number for your order when it ships.

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    We can ship TerraTiles: Misty Moorlands and TerraTiles: Coasts and Rivers anywhere in the United States and Canada. We currently have no Coasts & Rivers or Misty Moorlands available to ship from within the EU or Australia. Shipping costs are prohibitively expensive to ship Coasts and Rivers or The Misty Moorlands from the United States. Be sure to look out for our Kickstarters, so you can take advantage of our worldwide distribution channels!

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